Welcome to the "FLIGHT" center where you can help new ideas in healthcare takeoff. FLIGHT is a collaborative partnership between the Department of Psychology at Florida State University, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, and AFrame Digital, Inc. The purpose of the partnership is to help improve healthcare services for seniors using the latest healthcare technology available. Our current line of research is focused on the development of Telehealth technology. Telehealth is a term used to define the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunication technology. If your doctor has called in a prescription to the local pharmacy on your behalf, that is one example of Telehealth.

A growing trend in Telehealth is to use it for in-home monitoring of chronic health conditions. Remote monitoring can help with early detection of worsening symptoms that may occur between normal visits to a healthcare provider. Telehealth also has the potential to help those who need frequent monitoring of their symptoms to remain in their own homes, as opposed to moving to an assisted living facility where their symptoms can be managed by a healthcare provider. Telehealth has the potential to reduce the burden to those who need frequent healthcare trips, but do not live near any healthcare facilities or may not be able to travel independently. Telehealth should not be confused with Telemedicine. Telemedicine focuses on curing or treating medical conditions remotely, while one general purpose of Telehealth is preventitive care. Telehealth is not an effort to replace visits to healthcare providers, but rather seeks to help improve the delivery of care by increasing communication between the patient and their healthcare providers. The study will not be considered a complete success unless healthcare providers and study participants report that Telehealth improved the delivery of care.

The partnership between AFrame Digital, Inc and Florida State University began in 2009 with a National Institutes of Health-funded study testing the viability of a Telehealth system. The findings from this pilot study were positive and showed that a Telehealth system could reliably transmit healthcare information with minimal error while maintaining the highest level of data security (see publications page). The data that participants self-reported were matched to what was recorded by the remote monitoring system and the results indicated a high level of agreement. The findings from this initial study form the foundation for the present study.

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and Florida State University are both committed to research and are located in close proximity to each other, so the partnership between the two institutions extends back many years. In 2008, furthermore, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Diabetes Center partnered with the Department of Psychology at Florida State University to conduct a study investigating the viability of Telehealth video-conferencing system for persons diagnosed with diabetes.

Our current project is the second partnership between the Department of Psychology at Florida State University and both Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and AFrame Digital, Inc. This is our first study, however, in which the academic researchers have partnered with healthcare researchers and the engineering capabilities of small business to improve the delivery of healthcare to seniors. Over the course of the next two years, we are optimistic that this relationship will provide helpful insight into how chronic illnesses affect the lives of older adults and show that a simple and cost-effective Teleheath system can play a role in managing symptoms in a way that healthcare providers and patients will appreciate. Thank you for visiting this site and feel free to check back often as updates and new content will be posted to the site throughout the course of the study.

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