FSU Psychology in Top 5 on R&D Expenditures
  1. UNC, Chapel Hill
  2. Florida State U.
  3. New York U.
  4. U. MN, Twin Cities
  5. Penn State U., University Park and Hershey Medical Center

NSF R&D in Psychology FY2015
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Have a Happier, Healthier 2018 - Reshape Your Body Attitudes
Pam Keel
Pamela Keel

Put together a list of New Year's resolutions yet?

Every year, many of us pledge to work harder at being healthy, losing weight or eating more veggies. A Nielsen survey showed about one-third of Americans resolved to shed a few pounds and reshape their bodies. Here's a better resolution: Lose the critical thoughts about your body. That's the advice of Florida State University Professor Dr. Pamela Keel. Her research team has tested a new program encouraging body acceptance and seen dramatic results.

"Consider what is really going to make you happier and healthier in 2018: losing 10 pounds or losing harmful attitudes about your body?" Keel asked. Dr. Keel has spent a career studying body-image issues, particularly how they relate to eating disorders, and the results are not pretty. Body dissatisfaction in American culture is a pervasive problem, especially among young women.

Over the past 35 years, the ideal body type — particularly prevalent in media images — has become virtually unattainable for most people. Keel added that the majority of Americans are overweight today, and that creates a mismatch between reality and the body types seen in media.



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