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Dr. Neil Charness

Carnegie-Mellon University, 1974

The William G. Chase Professor of Psychology

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Dr. Charness will be accepting a graduate student for Fall 2017 admissions.

Research Interests

Human factors approaches to understanding aging and technology use; signal and sign perception and comprehension by aging pedestrians and drivers; development and maintenance of expertise across the life-span.

Current Research

  1. Human Factors approach to understanding design and use of technology by an aging population. The CREATE IV project is part of a Program Project grant funded by NIA.

  2. Aging Driver and Pedestrian Safety Research. This project is funded by Florida Department of Transportation, Safe Mobility for Life Program and the FSU University Transportation Center: Accessibility and Safety for an Aging Population (ASAP).

Selected Publications


Charness, N., Demiris, G., & Krupinski, E. (2011). Designing Telehealth for an Aging Population: A Human Factors Perspective. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

Czaja, S. J., Boot, W. R., Charness, N., Rogers, W. A., Sharit, J., Fisk, A. D., Lee, C. C., Nair, S. N. (2015).  The personalized reminder information and social management system (PRISM) trial: Rationale, methods and baseline characteristics.  Contemporary Clinical Trials, 40, 35-46.

Charness, N., & Boot, W. R.  (2016).  Technology, Gaming, and Social Networking.  In K. W. Schaie & S. L. Willis (Eds.).  The Handbook of the Psychology of Aging (8th Ed.), Chapter 20 (pp. 390-407).  London, UK: Academic Press/Elsevier.

Evans, J., Papadopoulos, A., Tsien Silvers, C., Charness, N., Boot, W. R., Schlachta-Fairchild, L., & Crump, C. (2016).  Remote health monitoring for older adults and those with heart failure: Adherence and system usability.  Telemedicine and e-Health, 22 (6), 480-488.  DOI: 10.1089/tmj.2015.0140.


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