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Dr. Colleen Ganley

Boston College, 2011

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Dr. Ganley will be accepting a graduate student for Fall 2017 admissions.

Research Interests

My research interests involve understanding the social, cognitive, and affective factors related to math learning and achievement with a specific interest in individual differences related to gender and income level. I have investigated factors such as teacher biases, stereotype threat, anxiety, working memory and spatial skills as potential malleable factors that may be related to gender and income level differences in mathematics achievement. I am especially interested in learning in areas of mathematics that require spatial thinking (e.g., geometry and measurement). I also explore factors related to gender differences in students' math- and science-related career choices.

Selected Publications


Purpura, D. P., Schmitt, S. A., & Ganley, C. M. (in press). Foundations of mathematics and literacy: The role of executive functioning components. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Ganley, C. M., & McGraw, A. L. (2016). The development and validation of a revised version of the Math Anxiety Scale for Young Children. Frontiers in Psychology.

Ganley, C. M., & Lubienski, S. T. (2016). Mathematics confidence, interest, and performance: Gender patterns and reciprocal relations. Learning and Individual Differences, 47, 182-193.

Ganley, C. M., Vasilyeva, M., & Dulaney, A. (2014). Spatial ability mediates the gender difference in science performance of middle-school students. Child Development, 85, 1419–1432.

Ganley, C. M., & Vasilyeva, M. (2014). The role of anxiety and working memory in gender differences in mathematics. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106(1), 105-120.

Ganley, C. M., Mingle, L. A., Ryan, A., Ryan, K., Vasilyeva, M & Perry, M. (2013). An examination of stereotype threat effects on girls' mathematics performance. Developmental Psychology, 49(10), 1886-1897.

Vasilyeva, M., Ganley, C. M., Casey, B. M., Dulaney, A., Tillinger, M., & Anderson, K. (2013). How children determine the size of 3D structures: Investigating factors influencing strategy choice. Cognition and Instruction, 31(1), 29-61.

Ganley, C. M., & Vasilyeva, M. (2011). Sex differences in the relation between math performance, spatial skills, and attitudes. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 32(4), 235-242.


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