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Dr. Elaine Hull

Indiana University, 1967


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Dr. Hull's home page (with brief biography of her research)

Dr. Hull is not recruiting a graduate student for Fall of 2023

Research Interests

Neuroendocrine control of male rat sexual behavior.

Selected Publications

Robison, C. L., McHenry, J. A, & Hull, E. M. (2017) Increased expression of carbon monoxide-producing enzymes in the MPOA after sexual experience in male rats. Physiology and Behavior 171:149-157.

McHenry, J. A, Robison, C. L., Bell, G. A., Vialou,V. V., Bolaños-Guzmán, C. A., Nestler, E. J., & Hull, E. M. (2016) The role of ∆FosB in the medial preoptic area: Differential effects of mating and cocaine history. Behavioral Neuroscience, 130:461-468.

Will, R. G., Hull, E. M., & Dominguez, J. M. (2014) Influences of dopamine and glutamate in the medial preoptic area on male sexual behavior. Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior. 121:115-123.

McHenry, J. A., Carrier, N. Hull, E. M., & Kabbaj, M. (2014) Sex differences in anxiety and depression: Role of testosterone. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, 35:42-56.

Gil, M., Bhatt, R., Picotte, K.B., & Hull, E. M. (2013) Sexual experience increases oxytocin receptor gene expression and protein in the medial preoptic area of the male rat. Psychoneuroendocrin-ology, 38: 1688-1697.

McHenry, J. A., Bell, G. A., Parrish, B. P., & Hull, E. M. (2012) Dopamine D1 receptors and phosphorylation of Dopamine- and Cyclic AMP-Regulated Phosphoprotein-32 in the medial preoptic area are involved in experience-induced enhancement of male sexual behavior in rats. Behavioral Neuroscience, 126:523-529.


Hull, E. M., & Rodriguez-Manzo, G. (2016) Male Sexual Behavior. In Hormones, Brain and Behavior. Third Edition, Vol. 1. Donald Pfaff, Editor-in-Chief, Elsevier Press, pp. 1-57.

Hull, E. M., Normandin, J.J., Pfaff, D., & Murphy, A.Z. (2016) Sexual Behaviors. In: Neuroscience in the 21st Century, D.W. Pfaff & N.D. Volkow, Eds. Springer Verlag; Heidelberg, New York. Vol. 3, pp. 2475-2490.

Hull, E. M. & Dominguez, J.M. (2015) Male sexual behavior. In: Physiology of Reproduction, 4th Edition, E. Knobil and J. Neill, Editors in Chief, T. Plant, Section Editor, Elsevier Press, pp.2211-2285.


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