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Dr. Michael Kaschak

University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2003


Director of Graduate Studies

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Dr. Kaschak is recruiting a graduate student for Fall of 2022

Research Interests

My lab studies language. Our recent focus has been on a few specific questions:

How are the choices you make as a language user affected by your recent experience? For example, how are your choices shaped by your own recent utterances, the things you've heard other people say, and the current social context?

How do different timescales of experience (recent experience, long-term experience) influence language processing?

How do systems of perception and action contribute to our comprehension of language? For example, how and when do we use our motor system in order to understand language about action?

Selected Publications

Eligio, R. B., & Kaschak, M. P. (2020). Gaming experience affects the interpretation of ambiguous words. PLoS One, 15, e0243512.

Chia, K., Hetzel-Ebben, H., Adolph, M., Amaral, M., Arriga, M., Booth, H., Boudreau, V., Carpenter, J., Cerra, C., Clouden, M., Cryderman, J., Darij, R., Dollison, J., Franco, N., Ghougasian, L., Hamilton, L., Karosas, K., Kenoyer, C., Krenz, V., Lancaster, S., Ma, M., Markwell, G., Montoya, F., Nadler, R., Pinto, S., Rojas, M., Sarmiento, D., Stitik, C., St. John, J., Valencia, M., Walker, K., Wells, E., Wolf, J., Wright, D., & Kaschak, M. P. (2020). Examining the factors that affect structural repetition in question answering. Memory and Cognition, 48, 1046-1060.

Kutta, T. J., Kaschak, M. P., Porcellini, A., & Jones, J. L. (2017). Implicit and explicit memory factors in cumulative structural priming. Collabra, 3, 13.

Spencer, M., Kaschak, M. P., Jones, J. L., & Lonigan, C. J. (2015). Statistical learning is related to early literacy-related skills. Reading and Writing, 28, 467-490.


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