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Dr. Pamela Keel

University of Minnesota, 1998

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Dr. Keel will be reviewing applications for admission to the doctoral program in clinical psychology for Fall 2017.

Research Interests

Translational research in eating disorders, including biological and psychological factors that contribute to binge eating and purging behaviors; nosology and statistical approaches to classification; longitudinal and epidemiological studies of psychological, social and cultural factors that influence eating disorders and body image.

Current Research

Current projects include an examination of psychological and biological factors that may distinguish individuals with purging disorder (characterized by recurrent purging following normal or small amounts of food in individuals who are not underweight) from individuals with bulimia nervosa and individuals without eating disorders. We are also developing papers from a study using ecological momentary assessment to understand factors that precipitate purging as well as consequences of purging in purging disorder to identify targets for treatment. Finally, we have embarked on the 4th assessment wave of a large epidemiological and longitudinal study of bulimic syndromes in which we have sampled college cohorts in 1982, 1992, 2002, and now 2012 with successive waves of 10-, 20-, and now 30-year follow-up assessments of established cohorts.

Interviews and Media Coverage of Research

Selected Publications


Bodell, L. P., Keel, P. K., Brumm, M. C., Akubuiro, A., Caballero, J., Tranel, D., Hodis, B., & McCormick, L. M. (in press). Longitudinal examination of decision-making performance in anorexia nervosa: Before and after weight restoration. Journal of Psychiatric Research.

Davis, H. A., Holland, L. A., & Keel, P. K. (2014). A preliminary examination of a nonpurging compensatory eating disorders. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 47, 239-243.

Mabe, A. G., Forney, K. J., & Keel, P. K. (2014). Do you 'Like' my photo? Facebook use maintains eating disorder risk. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 47, 724-732.

Holland, L. A., Brown, T. A., & Keel, P. K. (2014). Defining features of unhealthy exercise associated with disordered eating and eating disorder diagnoses. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 15, 116-123.

Brown, T. A., Holland, L. A., & Keel, P. K. (2014). Comparing operational definitions of DSM-5 Anorexia Nervosa for research contexts. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 47, 76-84.

Racine, S. E., Keel, P. K., Burt, S. A., Sisk, C. L., Neale, M., Boker, S., & Klump, K. L. (2013). Exploring the relationship between negative urgency and dysregulated eating: Etiologic associations and the role of negative affect. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 122, 433-444.

Franko, D. L., Keshaviah, A., Eddy, K. T., Krishna, M., Davis, M., Keel, P. K., & Herzog, D. B. (2013). A longitudinal investigation of mortality in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. American Journal of Psychiatry, 170, 917-925.

Keel, P. K., Crosby, R. D., Hildebrandt, T. B., Haedt-Matt, A. A., Gravener, J. A. (2013). Evaluating new severity dimensions in the DSM-5 for bulimic syndromes using mixture modeling. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 46, 108-118.

Keel, P. K., Forney, K. J., Brown, T. A., & Heatherton, T. F. (2013). Influence of college peers on disordered eating in women and men at 10-year follow-up. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 122, 105-110.

Klump, K. L., Keel, P. K., Racine, S. E., Burt, A. S., Neale, M., Sisk, C. L., Boker, S., & Hu, J. Y. (2013). The interactive effects of estrogen and progesterone on changes in emotional eating across the menstrual cycle. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 122, 131-137.


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