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Dr. Pamela Keel


University of Minnesota, 1998

Distinguished Research Professor

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Dr. Keel is recruiting a graduate student for Fall of 2023

Research Interests

Translational research in eating disorders, including biological and psychological factors that contribute to binge eating and purging behaviors; nosology and statistical approaches to classification; longitudinal and epidemiological studies of psychological, social and cultural factors that influence eating disorders and body image.

Current Research

Current projects include an examination of psychological and biological factors that may distinguish individuals with purging disorder (characterized by recurrent purging following normal or small amounts of food in individuals who are not underweight) from individuals with bulimia nervosa and individuals without eating disorders. We are also developing papers from a 4th assessment wave of a large epidemiological and longitudinal study of bulimic syndromes in which we have sampled college cohorts in 1982, 1992, 2002, and now 2012 with successive waves of 10-, 20-, and now 30-year follow-up assessments of established cohorts. Finally, we have a large grant examining the biological consequences of weight suppression and how these may explain the association between weight suppression and illness maintenance in bulimic syndromes.

Selected Publications

Keel, P. K. (2020).  The Void Inside: Bringing Purging Disorder to Light.  Oxford University Press. New York, New York.

Keel, P. K., Eckel, L. A., Hildebrandt, B. A., Haedt-Matt, A. A., Murry, D. J., Appelbaum, J., & Jimerson, D. C. (in press). Disentangling the links between gastric emptying and binge eating versus purging in eating disorders using a case-control design. Psychological Medicine.

Wick, M. R., Brown, T. A., Fitzgerald, E. H., & Keel, P. K. (2021). How changing life roles predict eating disorder pathology over 30-year follow-up. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 130, 388-398.

Forney, K. J., Crosby, R. D., Brown, T. A., Klein, K. M., & Keel, P. K. (2020). A naturalistic, long-term follow-up of purging disorder. Psychological Medicine, 1-8. doi:10.1017/S0033291719003982

Keel, P. K., Gomez, M. M., Harris, L., Kennedy, G. A., Ribeiro, J., & Joiner, T. E. (2020). Gaining "The Quarantine 15:" Perceived versus observed weight changes in college students in the wake of COVID-19. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 53, 1801–1808.

Murray, S. B., Brown, T. A., Lavender, J. M., Nagata, J. M., & Keel, P. K. (2020). The evolving nature of weight dissatisfaction and eating behaviors among men: Secular trends among college men across four decades. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 129, 824–830.

Wick, M. R., & Keel, P. K. (2020).  Posting edited photos of the self: Increasing eating disorder risk or harmless behavior? International Journal of Eating Disorders, 53, 864-872.

Brown, T. A., Forney, K. J., Klein, K. M., Grillot, C., & Keel, P. K. (2020). A 30-year longitudinal study of body weight, dieting, and disordered eating symptoms. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 129, 376-386.


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