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Dr. Colleen Kelley

Stanford University, 1983


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Dr. Kelley is not recruiting graduate students for Fall of 2022

Research Interests

Research in human memory. Current projects study memory retrieval processes, the role of context in memory retrieval, and emotion and memory. Other research interests include metacognition and aging and memory.

Current Research

One line of research is focused on understanding when people are vulnerable to misleading sources of familiarity. We are particularly interested in whether there are age-related changes in this process. A second line of research tests a new theory of the phenomenon of directed forgetting. A third line of research is on the effects of social influence on memory in younger and older adults.

Selected Publications

Mitchum, A.L., Kelley, C.M., & Fox, M. C. (2016). When asking the question changes the ultimate answer: Metamemory judgments change memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology:General, 145, 200-21

Jacoby, L. L. , Wahlheim, C.N., & Kelley, C. M. (2015).  Memory consequences of looking back to notice change: Retroactive and proactive facilitation. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 41, 1282-1297.

Zimmerman, C. A., & Kelley, C. M. (2010). “I’ll remember this!” Effects of emotionality on memory predictions versus memory performance.Journal of Memory and Language, 62, 240-253.

Delaney, P.F., Sahakyan, L., Kelley, C. M., & Zimmerman, C. A. (2010). Remembering to forget: The amnesic effect of daydreaming.Psychological Science, 21, 1036-1042.


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