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Dr. David S. March

Assistant Professor

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Dr. March is recruiting a graduate student for Fall of 2022

Research Interests

I am interested in how processes occurring outside awareness affect the formation, change, and measurement of attitudes and their subsequent effect on behavior. My research focuses on the unique processing of objects perceived as posing an immediate threat to bodily harm. I have developed a theoretical model that challenges existing dual process models of evaluation by proposing a speed and strength distinction between the implicit processing of threatening versus nonthreatening stimuli. My research has begun testing the underlying properties of this model and some of the model's implications for certain other phenomena, like prejudice.This work advances psychological theory on social cognition by integrating parallels among disparate literatures like attitudes, fear, and cognitive neuroscience, which ultimately paint a fuller picture of the evaluative processes operating in the human mind.

Selected Publications

Fritzlen, K., Phillips, J., March, D. S, & Olson, M. (in-press). I know (what) you are, but what am I? The effect of recategorization threat and perceived immutability on prejudice. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

March, D. S., Olson, M. A., & Gaertner, L. (2019). On logical and mathematical boxes: Does the attitudinal entropy framework expand our understanding of attitudes? Psychological Inquiry, 4, 196-199.

March, D. S., Olson, M. A, & Fazio, R. H. (2018). The Implicit Misattribution Model of evaluative conditioning. Social Psychological Bulletin, 13, e27574.

March, D. S., Gaertner, L., & Olson, M. A. (2018). On the prioritized processing of threat in a Dual Implicit Process model of evaluation. Psychological Inquiry, 29, 1-13. (Target Article)

March, D. S., Gaertner, L., & Olson, M. A. (2018). Clarifying the explanatory scope of the Dual Implicit Process model. Psychological Inquiry, 29, 38-43.

March, D. S., Gaertner, L., & Olson, M. A. (2017). In harm’s way: On preferential response to threatening stimuli. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43, 1519-1529. (Awarded the Student Publication Prize by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology)

Salvatore, J. F., Meltzer, A. L., March, D. S., & Gaertner, L. (2017). Strangers with benefits: Attraction to outgroup men increases as fertility increases across the menstrual cycle. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43, 204-217.

March, D. S., Kendrick, R., Fritzlen, K., & Olson, M. A. (2016). News media depictions of Obama influence automatic evaluative associations: Implications for the Obama Effect. Social Cognition, 34, 504-522.

March, D. S. & Graham, R. (2015). Exploring implicit ingroup and outgroup bias toward Hispanics. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 18, 89-103.


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