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Dr. Larissa Nikonova

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Research Interests

My research interest is dealing with neurobiological foundations underlying estradiol's anorexigenic effect and the development of activity-based anorexia in female rats. Current studies include investigations of 1) how estradiol modulates the activity of melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) and the serotonin system and 2) molecular mechanisms that influence susceptibility to activity-based anorexia.

Selected Publications

Rivera, H.M., Santollo, J., Nikonova, L.V., & Eckel, L.A. (2011). Estradiol increases the anorexia associated with increased 5-HT2C receptor activation in ovariectomized rats. Physiology and Behavior, 105, 188-194.

Nikonova, L.V., Koza RA, Mendoza T, Chao PM, Curley JP, Kozak LP. Mesoderm-specific transcript is associated with fat mass expansion in response to a positive energy balance. FASEB J. 2008 Nov; 22(11): 3925-37. Epub 2008 Jul 21.

Koza, RA, Nikonova, L.V., Hogan, J, Rim, J-S, Mendoza, T, Fauk, C, Skaf, J, & Kazak, LP (2006). Changes in gene expression foreshadow diet-induced obesity in genetically identical mice. PloS Genetics, 2, 5, e81, pp. 1-12.

Lee, D, Damberger, FF, Peng, G, Horst, R, Gunter, P, Nikonova, L.V., Leal, WS, & Wuthrich, K (2002). NMR structure of the unliganded Bobbyx mori pheromone-binding protein at physiological pH. FEBS Letters, 531(2), 314-8.

Horst, R, Damberger, F, Peng, G, Nikonova, LV, Leal, WS, & Wuthrich, K (2001). Letter to the Editor: NMR assignment of the A form of the pheromone-binding protein of Bombyx mori. Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 19, 79-80.

Horst, R, Damberger, F, Luginbuhl, P, Gunter, P, Peng, G, Nikonova, LV, Leal, WS, & Wuthrich, K (2001). NMR structure reveals intramolecular regulation mechanism for pheromone binding and release. PNAS, 98, 25, 14374-9.

Sandler, BH, Nikonova, L.V., Leal, WS, & Clardy, J (2000). Sexual attraction in the silkworm moth: structure of the pheromon-binding-protein-bombykol complex. Chemistry & Biology, 7, 143-51.

Damberger, F, Nikonova, L.V., Horst, R, Peng, G, Leal, WS, & Wuthrich, K (2000). NMR characterized of a pH-dependent equilibrium between two folded solution conformations of the pheromone-binding protein from Bombyx mori. Protein Science, 9, 1038-41.

Ushakova, T, Melkonyan, H, Nikonova, L.V., Afanasyev, V, Gaziev, AI, Mudrik, N, Bradbury, R, & Gogvadze, V (1999). Modification of Gene expression by dietary antioxidants in radiation-induced apoptosis of mice splenocytes. Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 26, 7/8, 887-91.

Leal, WS, Nikonova, L.V., & Peng, G (1999). Disulfide structure of the pheromone binding protein from the silkworm moth, Bombyx mori. FEBS Letters, 464, 85-9.

Ushakova, TE, Melkonyan, H, Nikonova, L.V., Mudrik, N, Gogvadze, G, Zhukova, A, Gaziev, A, & Bradbery, R (1996). The effect of dietary supplements on gene expression mice tissues. Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 20, 3, 279-84.

Nikonova, L.V., Beletsky, IP, & Umansky, SR (1993). Properties of some nuclear nucleases of rat thymocytes and their changes in radiation-induced apoptosis. Eur. J. Biochemistry, 215, 893-901.


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