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Dr. Chris Schatschneider

Case Western Reserve University, 1995


Associate Director, Florida Center for Reading Research

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Dr. Schatschneider is not recruiting a graduate student for Fall of 2023

Research Interests

Educational psychology, learning disabilities, quantitative methods and research design, reading and language comprehension.

Current Research

Individual differences in reading skill development. Specifically, I am interested in the identification of skills that are related to the acquisition of reading ability and the use of these skills to identify children who are at-risk for early reading problems. I also have a strong interest in research design, measurement, and statistical methodology with a particular focus on multi-level modeling and item response theory.

Selected Publications

Schatschneider, C., Lane, K.L., Oakes, W.P., & Kalberg, J.R. (in press). The Student Risk Screening Scale: Exploring Dimensionality and Differential Item Functioning. Educational Assessment.

Schatschneider, C. (2013) I am ROC curves (and so can you)!. In Y. Petscher, C. Schatschneider, & D. Compton (Eds) Applied Quantitative Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences. Routledge.

Petscher, Y., Schatschneider, C., & Compton, D.L. (2013). Applied Quantitative Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences. Routledge.

Connor, C.M., Morrison, F.J., Fishman, B., Crowe, E.C., Al Otaiba, S., Schatschneider, C. (2013). A longitudinal cluster-randomized controlled study on the accumulating effects of individualized literacy instruction on students' reading from first through third grade. Psychological Science, 24, 1408-1419.

Logan, J.A.R., Hart, S.A., Cutting, L., Deater-Deckard, K., Schatschneider, C., & Petrill, S.A. (2013). Reading development in young children: Genetic and environmental influences. Child Development, 84, 2131-2144.

Taylor, J.E., Hart, S.A., Mikolajewski, A.J., & Schatschneider, C. (2013). An update on the Florida State Twin Registry. Twin Research and Human Genetics, 16, 471-475.

Hart, S.A., Soden, B., Johnson, W., Schatschneider, C., & Taylor, J. (2013). Expanding the environment: Gene x school-level SES interaction on reading comprehension. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 54(10), 1047-1055.

Hart, S.A., Taylor, J., & Schatschneider, C. (2013). There is a world outside of experimental designs. Using twins to investigate causation. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 38, 117-126.

Hart, S.A., Logan, J.A.R., Soden-Hensler, B., Kershaw, S., Taylor J., & Schatschneider, C. (2013). Exploring how nature and nurture affect the development of reading: An analysis of the Florida Twin Project on Reading. Developmental Psychology.


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