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Dr. Rick Wagner

Yale University, 1985


Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Psychology

W. Russell and Eugenia Morcom Chair

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Research Interests

My major area of research interest is dyslexia and the normal acquisition of reading. My work also addresses a variety of measurement issues and practical considerations involving assessment of constructs in the domains of language and reading. I currently am the principal investigator of a Multidisciplinary Learning Disability Center funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

Selected Publications


Zhang, J., McBride-Chang, C., Wagner, R. K., & Chan, S. (2014). Uniqueness and overlap: Characteristics and longitudinal correlates of native Chinese children's writing in English as a foreign language. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 17, 347-363.

Al Otaiba, S., Wagner, R. K., & Miller, B. (2014). "Waiting to fail" redux: Understanding inadequate response to intervention. Learning Disabiliities Quarterly, 129-133.

Kim, Y. S., Park, C. H., &Wagner, R. K. (2014). Is oral/text reading fluency a "bridge" to reading comprehension? Reading and Writing, 27, 79-99.

Ahmed, Y., Kim, Y. S., & Wagner, R. K. (2014). Why we should care about literacy models: Models of reading and writing and how they can elucidate the connection between reading and writing. In B. Miller, P. McCardle, & R. Long (Eds.), Teaching reading and writing: Improving instruction and student achievement (pp. 143-152). Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing.

Spencer, M., Quinn, J. M., & Wagner, R. K. (2014). Specific reading comprehension disability: Major problem, myth, or misnomer? Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 29, 3-9.

Fletcher, J. M., & Wagner, R. K. (2014). Accumulating knowledge: When are reading intervention results meaningful? Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 7, 294-299.

Ahmed, Y., Wagner, R. K., & Lopez, D. (2014). Developmental relations between reading and writing at the word, sentence, and text levels: A latent change score analysis. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106, 419-434.

Spencer, M., Wagner, R. K., Schatschneider, C., Quinn, J. M., Lopez, D., & Petscher, Y. (2014). Incorporating RTI in a hybrid model of reading disability. Learning Disabiliities Quarterly, 37, 161-171.

Al Otaiba, S., Kim, Y-S., Wanzek, J., Petscher, Y., & Wagner, R. K. (2014). Long-term effects of first-grade multitier intervention. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 7, 250-267.


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