FSU Psychology in Top 5 on R&D Expenditures
  1. UNC, Chapel Hill
  2. Florida State U.
  3. New York U.
  4. U. MN, Twin Cities
  5. Penn State U., University Park and Hershey Medical Center

NSF R&D in Psychology FY2015
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Professor's Research Reveals the Path to Peak Performance
Dr. Anders Ericsson
Dr. K. Anders Ericsson

So, how are your 2017 resolutions going? If one of your goals is to further develop a skill -- maybe something that will help you do your job with more expertise, or perhaps you finally want to run that marathon -- then a Florida State University professor has tips that could help you succeed in 2017 rather than having to try again next year.

Psychology Professor Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, FSU's Conradi Eminent Scholar -- who's known as the world's foremost "expert on expertise" -- has written a book getting a lot of attention in the new year as a useful resource that could help you change your life this year.

Ericsson has spent more than 30 years researching the science of elite performance among athletes, chess players, musicians, novelists, doctors, and the list goes on. All that research has led him to the fascinating conclusion that everyone has what it takes to improve and, in many cases, even master a skill by pursuing particular types of practice.

That's a key point. You don't reach peak performance just by putting in more hours practicing or being highly motivated to improve. Even possessing an innate talent is not a surefire predictor of success. You need the right formula to guide you to your goal.



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