Welcome to the Barron B. Scarborough Historical Archives

You are entering the digital version of the Barron B. Scarborough Historical Archives.

FSU's Psychology Department houses the physical Archives which include a large number of documents, films, videos, photographs, computer files, lab instruments, and testing materials spanning the time period between 1902 (when Psychology first appeared on-campus) and continuing through to the present. We have digitized a subset of items in the Archives for viewing on computers and mobile devices such as tablets. These items look great on an iPad, for example, where text and images can be easily zoomed if desired.

Here is a brief overview of the Digital Archives' layout.

The main page shows a 4x4 matrix of icons, each leading to detailed content related to its title.

Icons in the top two rows provide a chronology of our history in successive periods between 1902 and 2012. The final icon in the 2nd row leads to histories of our various academic programs written by some of their participants.

The 3rd row of icons begins with a "History of Graduate Training" (including a searchable list of all our doctoral graduates, listings of Departmental awards to alums, and our record of training students from ethnic minority groups). The row continues with two icons summarizing University and Departmental awards and honors received by faculty, including the Lawton Professor awards. The row ends with an icon leading to a "Photogallery of Significant Faculty and Staff" since 1899. Listings of awards are kept current for the first three icons, and the photogallery is updated regularly in accordance with its rules for inclusion.

The 4th row of icons begins with an icon that provides information about all "Heads and Chairs of Psychology". This is followed by icons for a "History of Psychology's Technical Support Group", and for "Special Collections" which includes listings and photographs of holdings in our physical archives, as well as a growing collection of historic photographs of faculty, students, research labs, celebrations, conferences, etc. "Special Collections" is being assembled under the direction of Stan Warmath. The final icon is "Ask The Archives", which provides an easy way for you to send us comments, to make specific inquiries about details or periods of our history, or to add historical items to our collection.

We invite you to spend time in our digitized Archive where you can learn about the Department's rich history before and during The Florida State College for Women era, and its subsequent evolution into a major science department after the institution became Florida State University in 1947. It is an interesting story!

A poster celebrating the Department's centennial in 2003 is shown at the right where some important milestones in our history can be previewed by clicking on the poster’s images. Of course, the digital Archive presents these and other milestones in greater detail.

Barron Scarborough initiated Psychology’s Archives in the 1980s, and items in the collection have been inventoried and documented by Stan Warmath and his co-workers. The collection came about over many decades because faculty, staff and former students kept the Department in mind when sorting through their personal holdings. We are grateful for their generosity, and encourage others to donate items of potential historical interest to us. Please contact the Department Chair about such donations.

When you are on campus, we invite you to enjoy viewing historical items from the physical archives which are displayed in the Department.

In the meantime, WELCOME -- and enjoy browsing in the many areas of the digital version of the Archives.

The Scarborough Historical Archives Committee (SHAC), April 2013

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College Hall circa 1902 H. Elmer Bierly established first psychology lab circa 1902 Psychology laboratory circa 1902 Auditory experiment circa 1902 Edward Conradi, president of FSCW 1909-1944 Effie Pettit earned the first graduate degree at FSCW in 1912.  Her thesis was on the psychology of human memory Main gates and fountain circa 1918 Edwin A. Hayden, first head of Department of Psychology, 1915-1921 Westcott and Education buildings circa 1921 Psychology faculty in 1938 Winthrop Kellogg attracted many faculty and helped establish the doctoral program Howard Baker directed the first doctoral dissertation given in Psychology at FSU in 1953 Daniel Kenshalo established a laboratory for  skin sensation Animal research lab on West Campus site circa 1950s Recording equipment used by Kellogg in his studies at FSU on sonar and echolocation Research with memory drum circa mid-1950s Lantern slide showing human dark-adaptation curves Construction of Psychology Research Building circa 1963 Joseph Grosslight conducting research with a flight simulator circa 1980 Electrophysiological research circa mid-1970s Skinner Box used in undergraduate teaching labs circa late-1970s Memory research on new Apple II+ computer circa late-1970s Ceremony in 1982 at re-naming of Psychology Research Building Test administration at Psychology Clinic circa early-1980s Teaching in undergraduate computer laboratory circa mid-1990s Studying brain tissue circa 2002 Research on development of reading circa 2002