Listed below are only some of the DIS opportunities for undergraduates. For example, this list does not include any animal research being conducted by faculty in the neuroscience division of our department. For students interested in a neuroscience DIS involving animal research, you should go to our listing of neuroscience faculty to view the research interests of each professor in the neuroscience division. You should then contact the professors in that division whose research you find interesting to find out about DIS opportunities in their labs. The listings below are from Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, Social Psych, and Applied Behavior Analysis labs. The number and type(s) of DIS that you should participate in will depend on your career goals. For more information, contact a faculty member in your area of interest, or contact Dr. Michael Kaschak, the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Psychology: kaschak@psy.fsu.edu.


DIS Opportunities in the Cognitive and Affective
Neuroscience (CAN) laboratory

The Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (CAN) laboratory is recruiting motivated and reliable undergraduate students to assist research team with their research projects.


The CANLab focuses on the research of the psychological and neural underpinnings of emotion processing and emotion-cognition interactions. We apply multiple approaches and methodologies, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), event-related potentials (ERPs), autonomic physiology and sensory psychophysics, to understand basic cognitive and affective mechanisms in emotion processing. Ongoing research includes studies on:

· Enhanced olfactory sensory perception of threat in anxiety;
· Dynamic perceptual categorization of individual threat emotions;
· Olfactory-visual multimodal integration.


The goal of the DIS of CANLab is to provide students a unique set of substantial experimental skills, critical thinking, and a wealth of experience and guidance. Under direct supervision of the Director or staff, student research assistants will be trained to:

· Recruit experiment participants;
· Set up experiments;
· Collect and enter data for EEG and behavior studies;
· Process data, and contribute to analysis (for programming talented students).


· Able to commit to two consecutive semesters;
· Available to attend weekly lab meetings;
· Have at least a 3.5 GPA (cumulative) in both principal field of study and overall program;
· Undergraduate in Psychology, Neuroscience, or a related field. We also accept students of Computer Science, Biology, and Statistics;
· Must be dependable, responsible, and self-directed.

Interested students should email their CV/resume, unofficial transcript, and a brief letter of interest to CANLab at: canlab.psych@gmail.com.


DIS in the Learning, Memory, and Language Lab

The Learning, Memory, and Language lab explores different aspects of language learning, language comprehension, and language production. We are interested in addressing questions about how we get meaning from language, how our language patterns change as a function of the behavior of other people, and how cognitive capacities (such as memory) shape the way we use language. DIS students help us develop and run experiments, and attend lab meetings where we discuss our research. Applicants should have a GPA > 3.0, and be willing to commit two semesters to the lab.

Interested students should contact Dr. Michael Kaschak (kaschak@psy.fsu.edu).


Children's Learning Clinic

Research in the Children's Learning Clinic (CLC) focuses on understanding the relationship among cognitive, behavioral, and educational outcomes for children with ADHD within the context of positive youth development. We use cutting edge technology and classic experimental design to better understand why children with ADHD display the hallmark ADHD behavioral symptoms (inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity) and associated functional challenges. The goal of CLC research is to translate these findings into effective treatments for children with ADHD that build their capabilities and promote positive outcomes.

We are interested in working with motivated and tenacious undergraduate research assistants. We look for students who are motivated to learn, who possess the potential to excel in clinical science, and whose career goals include graduate school in clinical child psychology or related fields. Volunteer positions require a 10-hour per week commitment for a minimum of 3 consecutive semesters (e.g., Fall-Spring-Summer, or Fall-Spring-Fall).

Research assistants will have the opportunity to interact directly with children with ADHD and other clinical disorders, as well as learn valuable lab and data skills to increase their competitiveness for graduate school admissions. Students may also have the opportunity to observe and learn evidence-based behavioral management treatment for children with disruptive behavior disorders. High achieving CLC research assistants in the past have earned the opportunity to co-author conference presentations, book chapters, and peer reviewed journal articles.

Minimum requirements are:

· 3.4 GPA or higher
· Able to commit to three consecutive semesters @ 10 hours/week
· Available to attend weekly lab meetings on Tuesdays 1-3 pm (2 hours/week)
· At least sophomore standing

Interested students should email their CV/resume, unofficial transcript, and a brief letter of interest to Dr. Kofler.

Contact: Dr. Kofler, kofler@psy.fsu.edu.


Language and Cognitive Development Laboratory:

Have you ever wondered how we learn language? The Language and Cognitive Development laboratory explores the cognitive foundations of language comprehension and learning in children and adults.

DIS students in this lab have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of tasks including: carrying out behavioral and eye-tracking studies with adults and children, developing child-friendly visual and experimental stimuli, data-coding and entry, and recruiting families in the community. All DIS students are expected to participate in a weekly lab meeting that consists of discussion of current projects and some readings.

We are looking for serious students who are enthusiastic about learning about language development. You should be conscientious, punctual, and have strong interpersonal and technical skills. Students who have an interest in pursuing careers in cognitive or developmental research, speech and language pathology, educational and related areas make the best match for these positions.

Minimum requirements are:

· 3.3 GPA or higher
· Two semester commitment (or more) @ 2+ credits a semester
· Availability to attend weekly lab meetings (1 hr/week)
· Sophomore standing or above

Please contact Dr. Arielle Borovsky at: borovsky@psy.fsu.edu for more information.

You can complete an application here: http://tinyurl.com/lntfujv


DIS Opportunity in the Math Thinking and Learning Lab

Dr. Colleen Ganley is accepting new DIS students for Summer and Fall 2015 into the Math Thinking and Learning Lab. The research in this lab focuses on better understanding how social factors (e.g., gender, income level), attitudinal factors (e.g., math anxiety and interest) and cognitive factors (e.g., spatial skills, strategy use) relate to students' thinking and learning in math.

Primary responsibilities include:

· Conducting literature searches
· Helping to construct online surveys and/or materials for data collection in the lab
· Recruiting families to participate in research
· Collecting data on research participants (including elementary-school students and college students)
· Coding and entering data
· Attending weekly lab meetings

Minimum requirements:

· 3.3 GPA or higher
· At least sophomore standing
· Able to commit to 6 hours per week (2 credits)

You can complete an application here: http://tinyurl.com/ldg3e32

Please email Dr. Ganley at: ganley@psy.fsu.edu if you have any questions.


DIS opportunities in the Categorization Lab

The Categorization Lab needs DIS students for Spring 2015. We study how people learn to categorize visual objects and how knowledge about the world alters visual perception. Students will collect electrophysiological and behavioral data and senior lab members will have the opportunity to process electrophysiological data.


· 3.5 GPA
· At least sophomore status
· Taking at least 3 credits (9 hours per week)
· Have available blocks of time of 3.5 hours or more during weekdays

If you have questions, please email Jonathan Folstein: folstein@psy.fsu.edu.


Research Training Opportunity for Student Veterans

Dr. Thomas Joiner, director of the Military Suicide Research Consortium, is accepting applications for a new research training program at FAMU, FSU, and TTC for student veterans.

The focus of the initiative is to provide general research training in the social and behavioral sciences, with applications to military suicide prevention research. The commitment includes attending research skills training workshops at FSU and using those skills to contribute to ongoing research projects. There is a possibility that advanced students may be able to make more substantial contributions to supervised projects.


· Must be able to provide proof of veteran status
· Minimum 3.0 GPA

If interested, please email your resume or CV to Matt Michaels at: michaels@psy.fsu.edu.


DIS Opportunities in the Individual Differences in Cognition (IDCd) Lab

DIS students are needed for Spring 2015 developmental psychology research in Dr. Hart's lab, IDCd. Research in the IDCd lab focuses on understanding what makes people different from each other on educationally relevant outcomes (e.g., learning to read).

For the Spring semester, DIS students will primarily be doing data entry of child-level archival achievement/cognitive assessment data and follow-up questionnaires for Project KIDS. In addition DIS students may assist with mailing questionnaires for follow-up with the parents of the children. The purpose of this project is to better understand children's response to school-based reading interventions. DIS students also will be asked to take part in a weekly lab meeting which may lead to opportunities to present and publish data from the lab.


· 3.0 or better overall GPA
· Psychology or education students
· At least sophomore status
· Able to commit to at least 2 credit (6 hours per week)

Interested students may apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BysumJDmz65VKPpDokOdNAOBh6god4U92npHZWmNZ0g/viewform

For questions email: idchartlab@gmail.com.


(Keel Lab)

Dr. Pamela Keel is accepting new DIS students for Summer 2015 Spring 2016.

Research projects focus on eating disorders and body image. Students gain research experience in ongoing projects and can develop their own independent projects. Positions are ideal for students interested in applying to graduate school in clinical psychology.

Responsibilities in the lab may include:

· Data entry
· Preparing mailings
· Conducting telephone screens
· Helping run study visits with clinical populations
· Putting up flyers for recruitment


· GPA of 3.5 or higher
· A 2-semester commitment
· Available to work 10 hrs/wk

Please contact us at: eatingbehaviors@psy.fsu.edu or forney@psy.fsu.edu for more information!


Research Opportunity in Applied Psychology:
Florida Department of Transportation Research

How can we adapt roadways to accommodate an aging population? Do some crosswalk designs give drivers a perceptual advantage in spotting crossing pedestrians? Can we improve the safety of bicyclists?

Research assistants are needed for the Aging Driver And Pedestrian Safety research (ADAPtS) labs for the Summer and Fall 2014 semesters. This lab applies fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology in real world (and simulated) transportation environments and makes recommendations which affect policy. We also have opportunities for those seeking an Honors Thesis.

The lab boasts a Driving Simulator, a Portable Eye-Tracker, and an off-campus closed track facility.

Among the opportunities available in our lab are:

· Run driving simulations, lab, and field tasks
· Recruit, screen, and schedule participants
· Work towards creating safer transportation environments
· Become an expert field observational coder
· Manage and enter data
· Collect data for research which contributes to Florida Department of transportation policy, with the aim of making Florida roadways safer for all age groups
· Develop skills, gain experience, and earn up to two letters of recommendation applicable to life after graduation, whether it involves psychology or an alternate career
· Discuss the research process with our project coordinator and grad students to gain an understanding of each project as a whole especially valuable for students aspiring to go on to grad school or to complete an Honors Thesis!

Please contact Kimberly Barajas at kbarajas@fsu.edu if you:

· Are motivated, reliable, and punctual
· Are of Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class standing and willing to commit 3 credit hours, for two semesters
· Are willing to closely follow instructions
· Are curious and detail-oriented
· Are excited about using technology in a research environment
· Are interested in learning how psychology is applied to real-world issues


Women's Mental Health DIS:
Detection and Treatment of Perinatal Depression

Dr. Heather A. Flynn is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor & Vice Chair for Research at the FSU College of Medicine. Her research focuses on improving identification and treatment of depression in women, especially around the time of childbearing.

Her current studies aim to document the rates of depression detection and treatment in childbearing women. In order to accomplish this, she is initiating a depression screening process and infrastructure for clinical research in health care practices serving women in the community. The overall goal of this research project is to improve the effectiveness of treatments.

Individuals working on these projects can expect to be involved in the following activities:

· conducting in-person recruitment of patients at health care sites in communities
· handling sensitive issues with patients and clinic staff
· tracking, filing, and monitoring paper and electronic data
· participating in laboratory meetings
· adhering to ethical issues in human research

** There are also opportunities to be involved in presentations and publication of data.


· GPA of 3.2 or higher
· Completion of Abnormal Psychology and Research Methods
· Willing to spend time in prenatal care / obstetric clinics
· Reliable transportation to and from clinics
· Ability to closely follow instructions
· Motivated, enthusiastic, and works well independently
· Attend weekly lab meetings
· Have available blocks of time of 3-hours or more during weekdays
· Able to commit to 3 credits (9 hours per week)
· Willing to collect data from clinics in Pensacola, Daytona, and Orlando

If interested, please contact research assistant, Sarah McElhaney. E-mail: sarah.mcelhaney@med.fsu.edu.


Expert Performance Laboratory (Cognitive Area) K. Anders Ericsson Lab

The Ericsson Lab is looking for motivated individuals who have a general interest in expertise and skilled performance. Our lab is primarily involved in research on high-level performers and the mechanisms that mediate their skill. Examples of our previous and current research areas include deliberate practice, intelligence, memory, verbal reports, and problem solving. Work in the lab involves data entry & collection, transcription of verbal report protocols, periodic lab meetings, and discussion of relevant research areas.


· At least a 3.0 Cumulative GPA and Sophomore standing
· Be able to commit to 9 hrs. per week of lab time
· Undergraduate Major of Psychology or related field
· Successful completion of Research Methods in Psychology (PSY3213C)
· Basic computer literacy in common programs such as Excel & Word

If you are interested, please send a CV or resume to Tyler Towne at towne@psy.fsu.edu.


DIS Research in the Patrick Lab

The Patrick Lab is looking for excited and motivated DIS students.


· Hands-on EEG recording and application experience
· fMRI research experience
· Work with multiple domains of participant assessment (behavioral, self-report, interview, physiological)
· Learn how to process physiological data
· Work with a shock box


· GPA of 3.5 in the major
· At least Sophomore in standing
· Flexible availability

Students can send their resume/CV to cbb10f@my.fsu.edu if they are interested in joining the lab.


Join the Cougle Lab!

Volunteer and DIS opportunities available for Summer/Fall 2015.

We are looking for motivated, hard-working students who are interested in gaining research experience for graduate school.

Students are involved with research on anxiety disorders with an emphasis on:

· obsessive-compulsive disorder
· anger
· specific phobias
· body dysmorphic disorder
· intrusive thoughts
· depression
· distress tolerance


· Minimum 3.5 GPA
· 9 hr per week commitment for 2 semesters

To find out more about our research, go to: http://www.psy.fsu.edu/~couglelab/index.htm

If you are interested in applying to our lab, contact Ashleigh Harvey: amharvey@psy.fsu.edu.


DIS in Teacher Quality Research

What is good teaching and how can we prepare effective teachers? If you are interested in learning more about these issues and assisting in research projects focused on topics ranging from teacher self-regulation, preservice teacher reflection, preservice teacher self-efficacy for content-area reading instruction, online-literacy coaching interactions, to student goal-setting, then contact us! Depending on your interests and the status of particular projects, you may get experience at all steps of the research process. We also have you complete an annotated bibliography on a related research topic of your choice.

Minimum requirements for prospective DIS students:

· 3.0 GPA or higher
· Must be able to attend: 9 hours per week if enrolled for 3 credits; 6 hours for 2 credits (we set up a schedule that works with your hours, but have a weekly Friday meetings from 12-1 that you must attend)

Apply by emailing Alysia Roehrig: aroehrig@fsu.edu.


DIS Opportunity in Clinical Psychology in Joiner Lab

Dr. Thomas Joiner is accepting new DIS students for Spring 2015.

DIS students would have the opportunity to gain valuable experience with clinical psychology research, particularly in the understanding of suicidal behavior and associated phenomena in both student and clinical inpatient populations.


· Motivated, works well independently
· Dependable, detail-oriented
· Past research experience preferred (but not required)
· Minimum 3.7 GPA
· 2 semester commitment minimum
· 6-9 hours per week commitment minimum

If interested, please email lab manager Mirela Tzoneva at joinerlab@psy.fsu.edu / tzoneva@psy.fsu.edu.



Dr. Ashby Plant will be accepting new DIS students for the Summer & Fall semesters of 2015 starting April 1, 2015. All of the positions for the Spring 2015 semester have been filled at this time.

This competitive DIS opportunity offers hands-on experience conducting social psychology research as well as important support to prepare for graduate school.

Research in Dr. Plant's lab includes issues related to stereotypes and prejudice. The lab's DIS students are directly involved in conducting research on these topics. To learn more about Dr. Plant's research, visit her Web page at: http://www.psy.fsu.edu/faculty/plant.dp.html.


· GPA of 3.0
· Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
· Be able to attend a weekly meeting (Friday
1:30 PM)


· If you are interested in a DIS in the Plant Lab, please contact Jennifer Lacosse after April 1, 2015 at: lacosse@psy.fsu.edu.


Looking for D.I.S. credits for
Spring or Summer 2015?
Interested in Social Psychology?

Join us in the Baumeister lab!

Check out our lab website at: http://www.psy.fsu.edu/~baumeisterticelab/dis.html for more details.

Applications will be posted online by October 13, 2014.


DIS Opportunity for Research

Memory, Learning, and Judgment Skills in Young Adult Eye-Movement
Behavior while Reading

Spring 2015          Dr Lonigan's Lab

Successful applicants will learn to operate high-precision eye-tracking technology and state-of-the-art software for data collection and processing. The administration of an experiment will be simple enough for a reliable student to become proficient in a short time, but the possibilities for involvement at all levels of the process are extensive, from experiment design and construction to data processing and analysis.

Environment-relevant eye-movement is a pervasive, continuous behavior that can be recorded and analyzed to reveal perceptual and cognitive processes involved in negotiating a complex environment such as a search display or passage of text. Eye-movement behavior is used extensively and profitably in psychology and neuroscience. Learn the basics here!

If you meet the following requirements, please apply by contacting Dr. John Jones (jones@psy.fsu.edu).


· GPA of 3.0 or higher
· Willingness to take 2 or 3 credit hours (6 to 9 hours weekly in blocks of at least 3 hours)


DIS Opportunity for Research in Attention and Literacy in Dr. Lonigan's Lab
Summer A and Fall 2015

If you enjoy interacting with and learning about the behavior of young children, then this is the DIS opportunity for you. Work will include assisting in the creation of behavioral tasks and engaging in the administration of behavioral tasks as well as measures of literacy in area preschools. It is a great chance to get experience assessing young children!


· GPA of 3.2 or higher
· Interest in working with young children
· Reliable transportation
· Two or Three days of availability each week (morning hours)
· Two or Three credit hours (6 or 9 hour weekly commitment)
· If interested, please contact Darcey Allan at dallan@psy.fsu.edu.


DIS Opportunities for Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 in Dr. Phillips' Educational Psychology Early Childhood Literacy and Behavior Research Lab in the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR)

We are seeking 3-5 interested students per semester with interest in early childhood development and applied educational and psychological research. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.2. Students will assist on research projects related to language development and language intervention in grades preschool through third grade and to also assist on projects related to vocabulary instruction and approaches to learning and self-regulation in three and four year old children. Participants must be able to work in the research team location at the satellite campus at Innovation Park, home of the FCRR. Preferred students will have reliable transportation for potential work out in area schools.

Interested students should contact Dr. Phillips at bphillips@fcrr.org.


DIS Opportunity for Research on Bilingual Literacy Development in Children

Do you enjoy working with children and learning about child development? Are you bilingual in English and Spanish? We are looking for 6-8 students to help collect data on how children who are native Speakers of Spanish learn to read. Responsibilities will include developing implicit measures of children's vocabularies in each of their languages and administering measures of literacy skills to 1st and 2nd grade bilingual children in the greater Tallahassee area. Following data collection, responsibilities will shift towards coding and entering data.


· 3.0 GPA or higher
· Bilingual speakers of Spanish and English
· Interest in child development
· Reliable transportation
· Three days of availability each week (preferably in the morning)

Research will take place from Summer 2014 to Spring 2015. Participation in more than one semester is preferred, but not required.

Three credit hours (9 hour weekly commitment). If interested, please contact Marc Goodrich at goodrich@psy.fsu.edu.


DIS Opportunity in Clinical Psychology and Neurophysiological Research!

Are you interested in gaining valuable research experience in clinical psychology? Are you interested in learning about Electroencephalography (EEG) research? The Schmidt Lab is seeking motivated, conscientious students to join our research team as either clinical or neurophysiology DIS. Students will be exposed to all stages of research in clinical psychology, with specific emphasis on anxiety disorders, including:

· Social Anxiety Disorder
· Panic Disorder
· Generalized Anxiety Disorder
· Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
· Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Requirements: Minimum 3.5 GPA, ability to commit for at least 2 semesters.

For more information, contact Nicole Short short@psy.fsu.edu. Please note in your email if you are specifically interested in getting involved in neurophysiological research.


Twin Research on Reading, Behavior, and Environment
(Taylor Lab)

This project involves mailed surveys to twins throughout the state of Florida.

We need 4 undergraduates for Summer 2015 to:

· Help prepare and mail survey packets to twin families
· Enter returned twin packets into a database
· Assist with replies and queries to Spanish speaking families (at least 1 position will go to someone
  fluent in speaking/reading/writing Spanish)

General Requirements:

· Psychology Major
· 3.0 or better overall GPA
· Able to commit to 2 credits (6 hours per week)

Interested students may apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Md8Ao-opAJuP4FvBmkUKbav7D1PX1kgw80WZ2aN1c9s/viewform

For questions, please contact Caitlin Smith at: csmith@psy.fsu.edu.


Research on Emotion
(Taylor Lab)

We will be starting a new project examining non-suicidal self-injury and emotion. We need 2 undergraduate students to help run participants in the lab. Interested students will have the opportunity to learn how psychophysiology is used in a research setting and will receive training on how to use psychophysiological equipment.

General requirements:

· Psychology major
· 3.3 or better overall GPA
· Strong interest/intent for graduate school

Students must commit to one year in the lab - STARTING FALL 2014 THROUGH FALL 2015 - under the PSY 4920 research topics mechanism.

To apply, please go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IUbLncMHv14DxDDGYuFzmSnn2se0p5Xs0mnG-CqM59c/viewform

Questions? Contact Caitlin Smith: csmith@psy.fsu.edu.


DIS Opportunity with the Taylor Lab

The Taylor Lab is looking for 4 undergraduate students for Summer 2015 to assist with data collection and data entry.

General requirements:

· Psychology major
· 3.3 or better overall GPA
· Strong interest/intent for graduate school
· Students must commit to one year in the lab STARTING SUMMER 2015
  THROUGH SPRING 2016 under the PSY 4920 research topics mechanism

Interested students may apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IUbLncMHv14DxDDGYuFzmSnn2se0p5Xs0mnG-CqM59c/viewform

For questions, please contact Caitlin Smith at: csmith@psy.fsu.edu.


C.R.E.A.T.E. Lab

The Florida State University Center for Research and Education on Aging and Technology Enhancement, under the direction of Drs. Neil Charness and Walter Boot, seeks DIS students for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters. Our projects examine how computer technology can be successfully designed and effectively taught to adults across the lifespan, with an emphasis on improving technology use and acceptance among older adults.

Benefits of enrolling in the C.R.E.A.T.E. include:

· Hands-on experience administering psychological and cognitive ability tests.
· Exposure to applied research projects with practical outcomes for everyday computer users.
· Opportunities to learn a variety of different and valuable psychology research skills.

We train our DIS in every aspect of running a research project, as well as preparing them for the graduate school experience.

Requirements for enrolling:

· Minimum GPA of 3.0.
· Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class standing.
· Ability to closely follow instructions and work both independently and as part of a team.

Preference will be given to students who can stay for multiple semesters! For more information, please contact Kenneth Blocker at: kblocker@fsu.edu


DIS Opportunity at Florida Center for Reading Research

DIS students are needed for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 research at the Florida Center for Reading Research. The focus of the DIS will be on shadowing FCRR Research staff and experiencing the various tasks associated with the management of a large scale research project. Current projects include the instruction/development of standardized assessments that focus on reading comprehension as well as interventions targeted toward behavior and early childhood literacy outcomes. For the Fall and Spring semester, DIS students will primarily be doing data entry of child-level assessment data for the Reading for Understanding Project. The purpose of this project is to better understand children's response to school-based reading interventions. DIS students will also be asked to participate in administrative tasks to include organizing, cataloging, and filing child-level assessment data.

There is a possibility that advanced students may be able to make more substantial contributions (Participating in Assessments or Observations) to supervised projects.


· Minimum 3.0 GPA

If interested, please email your resume to Jonathan Klepper at: jklepper@fsu.edu