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Stauffer, T.R.*, Elliott, K.C.*, Ross, M.T.*, Basista, M.J.*, Hyson, R.L., & Johnson, F. (2012) Axial organization of a brain region that sequences a learned pattern of behavior. Journal of Neuroscience 32:9312-9322.

Daou, A.*, Johnson, F., Wu, W., Bertram, R. (2012) A Computational Tool for Automated Large-Scale Analysis and Measurement of Bird-Song Syntax, J. Neuroscience Methods, 210:147-160.

Thompson, J. A.*, Basista, M.*, Wu, W., Bertram, R., and Johnson, F. (2011) Dual pre-motor contribution to songbird syllable variation, Journal of Neuroscience, 31:322-330.

Wu, W., Thompson, J. A.*, Bertram, R., and Johnson, F. (2008) A statistical method for quantifying songbird phonology and syntax, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 174:147-154.

Thompson, J.A.*, Wu, W., Bertram, R., and Johnson, F. (2007) Auditory-dependent vocal recovery in adult male zebra finches is facilitated by lesion of a forebrain pathway that includes the basal ganglia, Journal of Neuroscience, 27:12308-12320.

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