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Below you will find a list of some of our ongoing research studies that are recruiting participants. This list is not exhaustive and may not always be up to date. You can find a more complete and current list on the FSU SONA webpage. Please note that some studies may offer research credit for compensation (i.e., only applicable to eligible psychology undergraduate students at FSU) or monetary compensation. Length of participation time and compensation offered are listed next to the study information. You may volunteer for our studies as well for no compensation if you are interested and eligible.

We are currently recruiting participants for the following studies:

Experimental Study with Engaging Visual Tasks (90 mins / 1.5 credits)

Eligibility: 18 years old or older.

We are conducting a research sutdy on mental attention, affective change, and mental health symptoms. We aim to study attention to visually presented stimuli related to pain. The results may inform important theories in clinical psychology. Specifically, results from this study will inform understanding of whether visual response time can identify certain psychological vulnerabilities. Contact Matt Michaels ( for more information.

A Study on Memory Perspectives, Mental Imagery, and Cognitions (Part 1: 120 mins, Part 2: 30 min / 2.5 credits)

Eligibility: (1) must be at least 18 years old; (2) literate in English; (3) Non-smoker; (4) no history of a traumatic brain injury; and (5) no previous participation in a task recall study.

This is a 2-part study looking at the effects of performing simple tasks on subjects and factors that affect pain tolerance. The study will be divided into two sessions: the first session will be in the lab for 2 hours and the second session will be a 15 minute phone call. Participants will be asked to perform a series of simple tasks and undergo two measures of pain tolerance as assessed by a pressure algometer. All participants are asked to abstain from caffeine and sugary foods for at least an hour before the experiment as well as alcohol, stimulant medications, and analgesics for at least 8 hours prior to the study session. To SIGN-UP, choose your laboratory time from the options listed. For the phone call, everyone will sign-up for the one time slot and actual time of call will be determined in lab. Contact Jenny Buchman ( or Carol Chu ( for more information.

Research Studies

Study Sign-Up

Please go to FSU SONA (the Department of Psychology's Research Sign-up System) to find and sign-up for ongoing research studies.


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