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A multi-national, multi-talented bunch dedicated to the quest of understanding human emotion, cognition and psychopathology


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    Wen Li

    Gear Lab Director

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D. 2004, Northwestern


Department of Psychology
1107 W. Call St.
Tallahassee, FL 32306
(850) 645-1409 
Faculty Page

Zhaohan Wu  Gear Clinical Graduate Student

Lucas   Email: Email

   Research Interests:  I am interested in the role neural oscillations play      in psychopathologies, especially anxiety-related disorder. I am also    interested in how to modulate neural oscillations with new    techiques(e.g.tACS) and thus alleviate patients' symptoms.



Joshua Brown  Gear Neuroscience Graduate Student

Josh   Email: Email

  Research Interests: My primary interests are the refinement of   neuroimaging techniques and the interaction between neural networks   and human cognition. As knowledge of the distributed nature of   cognition has grown, so too has our need for advanced methods for   accurately identifying relevant cortical and subcortical activity. Through   the development of novel analyses of neuroimaging data, more accurate depictions of the neural basis of cognition can be generated. To this end, I am interested in creating and utilizing machine learning algorithms that help in processing the large amounts of data gathered by fMRI and EEG experiments.

Personal Interests: music (trombone, banjo, euphonium, accordion, guitar, tuba) history; Latin


Yijia Ma  Gear Statistics Graduate Student

Yijia   Email: Email

  Research Interests: My research interest as a statistics student lies in   the intersection of neuroscience and data analysis. I am particularly   interested in using statistical techniques to gain a deeper understanding   of neural systems and behavior. For example, I am interested in   developing and applying methods for analyzing large-scale neural data   sets, such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Electroencephalography (EEG) data, to study brain structure and function. I am also interested in using machine learning techniques to analyze these data sets and identify patterns that may be indicative of neurological disorders or disease. I am also interested in using these methods to study how neural activity changes in response to different types of intervention, such as brain stimulation.

  Personal Interests: Cooking and baking, Climbing


Nancy Wei  Gear Research Assistant Professor

John   Email: Email

  Research Interests: I am interested in research combining multimodal   imaging with noninvasive neuromodulation and its applications   neuropsychiatric disorders.




John Massa  Gear Lab Manager

John   Email: Email

  Research Interests: I am interested in the role of neural   oscillations in information processing and anxiety disorders. I am   also interested in how anxiety severity affects treatment efficacy.

  Personal Interests: Soccer, sociology  



Flavia Altimeyer Menezes  Gear Lab Assistant

Flavia   Email: Email

  Research Interests: I am interested in the study of anxiety threat   processing, the role of neural oscillations on the mechanisms of   PTSD, and sensory threat encoding. I am also particularly interested   in topics concerning the communication pathways and networks in   the brain, as well as neuroplasticity, especially when it concerns   emotional regulation, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, I am interested in the use of multimodal imaging techniques, such as the EEG and fMRI machines, in psychology research.

  Personal Interests: circus acrobatics, dancing, music, bass guitar, foreign languages,   hiking, painting, cooking



You  Gear Undergrads, Graduate Students, Postdoc Fellows

Lucas  Research Interests: I'm interested in joining the CANLab.

  Personal Interests: We are going to explore together!   




 Undergraduate Researchers 

Elysia Moak; Gabriel Miel; Hailey Mullis; Madeline Okenica; Marian Gonzalez;Trisha Bhaskaran; Lydane Fosso; Flavia Altimeyer Menezes; Saiannice Soares-Concepcion


 CANLab Alumni  Gear Previous CANLabers

*If you were a CANLaber but don't find your name here, please email us ASAP!  Email

Yuqi You, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University

Kevin Clancy - Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital

Thomas Campbell Arnold- Doctoral Student, Biomedical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Lucas Novak- Former Graduate Student

Yan Zheng- Former Lab Manager

Elizabeth Krusemark- Assistant Professor, Millsaps College

Zijun Ke- Assistant Professor, Sun Yat-sen University

Jaryd Hiser- Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alex Quilling - Medical Degree Student, College of Medicine, Universtiy of Wisconsin-Madison

An-Chieh Chang - Doctoral Student, Department of Communicative Disorders, UW-Madison

Ariana Stickel - Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, University of Arizona

David Rozek - Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, University of Notre Dame

Hallie Strauss- Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, The George Washington University

Maria Mens - Doctoral Student, Psychology, Carnegie Mellon

Nina Mallory - Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Robert McCaffrey - Doctoral Student, Kinesiology, McMaster University

Stacy Lorenz - Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, Xavier University

Wanting Zhong - Doctoral Student, Interdepartmental Neuroscience, Northwestern University




Department of Psychology - Florida State University

1107 W. CALL STREET TALLAHASSEE, FL 32306-4301 Phone: (850) 645-9312