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We provide compassionate, evidence-based evaluation and treatment for children and families in the context of a research study

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For Parents

Learn more about the research evaluation and treatment services available at our clinic on the beautiful Florida State University campus

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How to find evidence-based mental health services in our community and beyond

For Students

For Students

Research assistant (RA) opportunities for motivated and tenacious undergraduate students

National Recognized Expertise

Scientific Research

Links to full-text, public access versions of research studies published by Children's Learning Clinic faculty and staff

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Media Coverage

TV, radio, newpaper, and magazine coverage of Children's Learning Clinic research and services

What are parents and children saying about us?

[Child] has been benefiting from this ground-breaking treatment for ADHD for many months. Beyond grateful for the free, comprehensive evaluation that assisted us in obtaining an acurate diagnosis for [child] and the video treatment program that's helping to improve the executive functioning areas of his brain.

Parent PS

So exciting to know that more kids and families will be helped with these expanded grant awards!! Special shout out and thank you to Dr. Leah Singh and her amazing clinical team for everything they've done for [child]! 🥰 💝

Parent GP

Thank you so much for all you did for us and [child] with his evaluation. We were so impressed with everyone at the clinic, and had such a good experience.

Parent MP

I don’t think there is a single way to express how grateful I am …. I don’t think I ever said it out loud but the use of games to help ADHD was genius!

Parent LF


Child ES

A thousand thank yous for the opportunity! I believe your faith and kind words gave me the confidence to achieve for than I thought possible

Parent BH

We feel so much better prepared to help [child], and would definitely like to participate in further programs at your clinic. Please pass our thanks along to everyone there at the clinic!

Parent MB

Thank you for caring so deeply about families - and us! It was an honor to be part of your groundbreaking research

Student EW

I've seen such an improvement in [child] since starting treatment. He's doing SO much better now!

Parent RS

Your program produced a dramatic shift in [child's] problem behaviors and completely changed course for her moving forward (in a positive way)

Parent MP

Thank you for your time and for the compassionate manner in which your staff supports families in understanding these diagnosis with comorbidities. And thank you very much for ALL of the resources!

Parent EJ

Thank you for all of the help! 💖

Parent JH

Interested in Children's Learning Clinic Services?

Interested parents can call us at (850) 645-7423 or sign up using the link below. A member of our staff will answer your questions and then conduct a brief screening interview (5-10 minutes).

Children's Learning Clinic

Faculty & Staff

The Children's Learning Clinic at FSU was founded by Dr. Michael Kofler and is directed by Dr. Leah Singh. Our faculty and staff are nationally recognized experts in neurocognitive brain abilities, pediatric ADHD, and child attention, behavior, emotions, and social skills. Together, our team has provided services to thousands of children and families, and has published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific studies on ADHD and related difficulties.

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Resources for Parents

We are currently recruiting children ages 5-12 for our research on children's attention, memory, and learning. We accept children with suspected attention, learning, or behavioral difficulties. We also accept children without behavioral or academic difficulties whose parents are interested in learning more about their child's unique sets of strengths and difficulties.

Interested parents can call us at (850) 645-7423 or send us your contact information using the link above. A member of our staff will answer your questions and then conduct a brief screening interview (5-10 minutes).

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Community Resources

As the old African proverb says, it takes a village to raise a child. Click below for links to helpful articles for parents written by Dr. Kofler and colleagues, information on how to find "evidence-based" mental health services (and why it's important for for mental health services to be "evidenced-based"), and links to helpful resources in our community and beyond.

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Research Opportunities for Students

Undergraduate research assistants in the Children's Learning Clinic have the opportunity for hands-on experience working with children with a broad range of strengths and challenges, as well as learn valuable lab and data skills to increase their competitiveness for graduate school admissions. Students may also have the opportunity to learn and implement evidence-based neurocognitive treatment for children with ADHD and related difficulties. High achieving research assistants in the past have earned the opportunity to co-author conference presentations, book chapters, and peer reviewed journal articles.

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Research That Gives Back

The Children's Learning Clinic provides no cost evaluation and treatment services for families within the context of our research studies. That is, we provide families with today's gold standard of care while families provide us with the data to develop tomorrow's gold standard of care.

Click below for free access to our entire library of published research studies.

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Media Coverage

Remember the time the story of our nonmedication treatment for ADHD got so much attention that it crashed FSU's website? Click below for links to media coverage of our work - everything from our research on the benefits of hyperactivity and 'squirm to learn', to our next-generation brain training program for ADHD!

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Committment to Diversity

Happy Child The Children's Learning Clinic values diversity and is dedicated to continuing to develop our awareness and appreciation for individual differences within our community. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community. As such, we strive to provide high quality services that are sensitive to race, color, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, physical/mental ability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender, political beliefs/affiliations, and socioeconomic status.