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Project WoMBAT

The Children’s Learning Clinic at FSU invites families of boys and girls, ages 5-12, to participate in Project WoMBAT. WoMBAT stands for "working memory and behavioral ADHD training." These clinical trials are funded by the National Institutes of Health and FSU. The goal of these clinical trials is to evaluate how to best combine non-medication treatments for ADHD in clinical practice.

Children may be eligible even if they are taking certain ADHD medications.

Participating families receive a comprehensive psychological-educational evaluation at no cost. This evaluation covers their child's attention, learning, behavior, memory, and emotional functioning. Families receive a comprehensive report from our licensed psychologists that detail the child’s strengths and difficulties, as well as recommendations for treating any difficulties.

Children diagnosed with ADHD will then receive one or more non-medication treatments that have been previously shown to be effective for ADHD: (1) behavioral management training (sometimes called “parent training”), and/or (2) central executive training.

We are currently accepting children ages 5-12 who meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Children with suspected attention, learning, or behavior problems. We provide no cost comprehensive evaluations for children with suspected attention problems and/or ADHD in the context of our research studies.
  2. Children with ADHD. Children who have been previously diagnosed with ADHD are also eligible to participate. Children complete all of the same activities as other children in our research clinic, and their parents meet with our Director and receive the same comprehensive written report. All at no cost to participating families.

Behavioral management training involves working with the parent to manage and reduce their child’s ADHD behaviors. Central executive training involves working with the child using a computerized neurocognitive training program designed to strengthen brain abilities called “executive functions.” The central executive training program is designed to look and feel like a video game.

All eligible families will receive treatment. The purpose of the study is to compare the benefits of each program and determine how to best combine these treatments.

Families may qualify for CLC assessment and treatment services regardless of insurance or ability to pay. CLC services are provided within the context of our scientist-practitioner research training clinic. There is currently no cost for our services (costs are covered through our grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and the support of the FSU Psychology Department).

A telephone interview (~10 minutes) asks questions about your child’s behavior to determine initial project eligibility and provide more information about the study. For more information about the project please Contact Us.

Interested in Children's Learning Clinic Services?

Interested parents can call us at (850) 645-7423 or sign up using the link below. A member of our staff will answer your questions and then conduct a brief screening interview (5-10 minutes).

Looking for more information about our clinic and our innovative neurocognitive treatments for ADHD?

Downloadable flyer about our Central Executive Training study: Cognitive Training Treatment Study for ADHD

Downloadable flyer about the Children's Learning Clinic: About the Children's Learning Clinic

Downloadable flyer addressing common myths about ADHD: ADHD Quick Facts

Interested in participating in other child-friendly research at FSU?Center for Developmental Science

Interested in participating in other research at FSU? Parents can register with our Center for Developmental Science. The Center is a collaboration between faculty at FSU who are interested in how children learn. You can also email the Center for Developmental Science at Please do not include confidential information in emails. To contact us at the Children's Learning Clinic specifically, call us at (850) 645-7423 or use the "sign up" link below.